Stars Of Jericho
Age of the JQ Falcon

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About Stars of Jericho

About SOJ

Stars of Jericho is a fantasy space shooter desktop browser game built on custom JavaScript. The game itself runs on a powerful engine called gameQuery. For best results please play this game on either Google Chrome or IE9+.



Press L once, to launch the game. Give the game a couple seconds to load if this is your first time.
Press W to move up.
Press S to move down.
Press A to move left.
Press D to move right.
Press K to fire weapon.
Press P to pause or continue.
Press F5 to reload the game.

Your Feedback on Stars of Jericho

re: hard to figure out controls
Sorry about that! I had instructions nested under the title link..."About Stars of Jericho | click here". I'll go ahead and expose that info so that it's easier to see.
author: kensley |
hard to figure out controls
author: Cord |